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Berryessa Gap Vineyards

Mike Anderson
June 15, 2010 | Mike Anderson

View From the Barrel Rack

I am going to try my best to send out short messages to stay in touch with you all (can I call you Gappers?). The overall theme will be that wine can be an enjoyable part of your life. You won’t hear about cigar box aromas here! I bought some of my first wine making equipment at a shop in Berkeley called Wine and The People. A very Berkeley name but I think a good summary of the idea that wine belongs to all of us and not to the critics.

The early spring was cool and wet (yes, the grapes are fine) but now the heat is beginning to bother me. My plans are to put a little salmon on the grill and open a few bottles of cold Sunset. In case you need someone other than me to tell you that would be a good idea the 2009 Sunset just won a gold medal at the Orange County Fair.

You didn’t need that did you?


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