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Mike Anderson
February 5, 2013 | Mike Anderson

View From the Barrel Rack

Some days, weeks, months, years go by almost without notice.  Of course, within any of those periods events of great significance occur.  Last weekend seemed to be one of the ones where something big did happen.  The sun was out and days were warm.  A few plum trees even started to bloom.  Winter seemed to be changing to spring.  Yes, it was February 1st.  It is never too early to feel good.  By Monday the weather had cooled a bit and reminded me that it was indeed February.  I know that the glimpse of spring over the weekend was a crystal ball and full spring will be here soon.

In the vineyard we have to get the pruning done before the real spring comes and the vines start to grow.   So, during the next several weeks that is where you will find us.  Hope it will be sunny.