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Berryessa Gap Vineyards

Mike Anderson
October 27, 2010 | Mike Anderson

View From the Barrel Rack

We were hard at work the other day tasting wine so we could tell you what it tasted like:
Mike: umm red raspberries

Dan: don’t you think black raspberries?
Megan: I don’t know, licorice to me

Everybody wrong? Everybody right? Who knows? Does right or wrong exist (within a believable realm)? Sort of frustrating in our mission to give you all some usable information when you are considering one wine or another. I could say everybody has their own taste and it is up to the individual but does that help?

To make matters worse some wine folks use terms I don’t understand. I kid you not; I just went to a prominent wine website and copied the first description I came to. Believe me, I didn’t search around.

Here it is:

"A minerally spine drives this, with the core of damson plum, raspberry ganache and blackberry fruit staying sweet but racy and defined. Violet and graphite hints add length on the mouthwatering finish. Drink now."

Does that help you? Do you even know what half that stuff is or what they would all taste like together? Why doesn’t it say it tastes like wine or even Malbec?

We want your help.

What information is helpful to you?


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