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Winters AVA

In cooperation with and on behalf of wine grape growers nestled in the foothills west of Winters, Berryessa Gap has begun the process of establishing the Winters, California AVA.  An AVA, or "Approved Viticulture Area," with distinct growing conditions and production of fine, expressive, high quality wines.

Letter of Petition

“Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Regulations Division

1310 G Street, NW, Room 200-E

Washington, DC 20220

15 November 2013

This petition requests the establishment of a new viticultural area in Northern California to be known as the Winters, California AVA.  The proposed viticultural area is located in the northwest corner of Solano and southwest corner of Yolo Counties and lies entirely within the zip code (95694) for Winters, CA.  …”

Map of Proposed AVA (coming soon)

The proposed viticultural area is on the eastern edge of the California Coastal Range and receives just a hint of the associated cooling influence in early morning and late evenings which contrast the warm day time temperatures.  Moderate rainfalls on this eastern facing slope combined with rolling terraces and excessively to well-drained soils provide ideal conditions…”